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An Easy Existential Approach
to High School and University Essay Writing

By Prof. J. Michael Yates & Dr. Hongyun Chen

Pages 218    ISBN 978-0-9808971-3-5

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In English as paperback ($26.99)

This book is the crystallization of the joint effort of Canada’s well known writer/professor J. Michael Yates and his wife Dr. Hongyun Chen. They have been teaching essay writing for more than ten years and sent numerous students to famous universities such as Harvard, Cornell, and Oxford. The book is done at the request of their students, so more people can benefit from their teaching. In the book they use simple yet vivid and humorous language to teach you how to write almost any kind of essay, and provides you with close to a hundred sample essays for TOEFL, SAT, LPI, IELTS, BC Provincial Exams, University Applications, etc, some of which are written by Prof. Yates and Dr. Chen themselves.

More importantly, they use existentialism and their own life stories as tools to help you find your true destiny in this intricate society, thus maintaining your individuality while going through the system. If you want to once and for all tackle the writing problem, enter the university you really want to attend, and maybe discover the meaning of life, this book is a must-read.

About the Authors

J. Michael “Mikey” Yates was born in Fulton, Missouri, and did graduate degrees at the Universities of Missouri and Michigan. He has been everything from a Distinguished Professor of literature to a much commended SWAT-team member. Interspersed are jobs as a logger, motorcycle racer, and broadcast executive both for CBC and private media in the United States. He is holder of two international Advertising awards.

But above all, Mikey Yates is a widely published author of poetry, fiction, drama, translations, and philosophical essays. His works have been translated into most of the western languages and some eastern ones, and his drama for radio, television, and stage have been produced both nationally and internationally. The literary prizes he has won include the Major Hopwood Awards (both poetry and drama the same year) and the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Arts and Sciences from University of Missouri.

For the past ten years Yates has been tutoring languages, literature, and history of ideas with his wife, Hongyun, and sons, Myron and Kavan.

Visit J. Michael Yates' personal website for more information.

Hongyun Chen was born in Linchuan, Jianxi, and did degrees at the Second Military Medical College (M.D.) and the University of New Brunswick (Ph.D.). She has worked in two pharmaceutical companies as Senior Research Scientist and Director, respectively.

She started her writing for Chinese Electronic Magazines around 1995 and hasn’t stopped since. Her essays and short stories have been widely published in Chinese and English both in North America and China. Some of them are collected in Under the American Sky by China Press, Selection of Contemporary Global Chinese Poems and Prose by Tianya Literature Press, The Maple Leaves’ Inquiry of Civil Wind by Hebei People’s Publisher, and Do You Know How to Love by Cacanadadada Press. One essay and one short story of hers won Chinese literary prizes in the United States.


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